Alfa mail podcast points

I am waiting for someone who is always late so I’ll kill the time giving you tips for starting alfa mail podcast.

Key points

  1. Repeat I’m an alfa mail like 15 times during the 15 minute podcast. Having a penis is the only requirement. You could be homeless. You could be even a hermaphrodite. Ata wacha penis, if you are those women who have facial hair you are an alpha mail OK. Never stop reminding listeners OK.

  2. A key that opens many locks is a master key

3)Women are your slaves and they must submit to you. They can’t be fat, broke and anything else but you can bcz you are more alpha than Elon Musk who went for a hair transplant when he started balding. Btw why do men bald?

4)Aki nimesahau hizo zingine being in a cult is hard how are you supposed to remember all these things? lemme just get you a podcast. Btw ni made wamefanya hizi podcasts.

mama ya @Agwambo huuza kuma AIDS infested 45 bob Kondele