Alexis Sharkey found murdered at the roadside:Women do background checks and keep off men with a violent past

These two women didn’t do background checks on the men who were pursuing/married to them and they are now murder victims. Both were social media influencers. The more things change, the more they stay the same. If a man has a history of abusing women, then just leave him alone, it does not matter what he says or does at the beginning of the relationship. It will end in the tears of the people who love you.

Briana Johnson last YT with the man who killed her and put her in the trunk of her car. Women stop taking bums off the street and trying to make them your prince charming. It’ll get you killed.

I have no history of violence against women lakini lazima nikutombe rasa one day ile design ya kuingiza yote,kutoa yote,kuingiza yote,kutoa yote mpaka u squirt.No squirting no stopping.


Wewe umechapa tayari . What background checks do you need to do? Kwani unafikiri uko majuu?

This is a lesson to other ladies who like quick relationship. You should be someomeone who is principled. The ladie never took their time to know the men well. They thought that they were good. You should lay a good foundation in a relationship. Founadtions is very key, You can not just find someone and fall in love with him immediately simply because he has a car. This is nonsense and let ladies be very careful. You learn that men are the most cunning human beings on earth. They love several women at ago, while you think that you are the only one. Killling you is never difficult for them because its their nature.

Firstly, I am very sorry for what happened to the ladies. Though I may not know the storry behind it, but what I know is that men are creatures of wonders. You can with the decision that they make in life. They compare the ladies with sugarcane, which you chew and through the residue away from you,you dont even like to see it again. Or like a banana friut, which you eat and through the remains away from you. You dont even want to care about where it will falls, Similarly, some men treat women in that perspective, after using them, they are now thrown and might even be killed like in this case.

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