Alex Olaba, Francis Wanyama sentenced to 15 years in Jail for gang rape

Rugby players Alex Olaba and Frank Wanyama have each been sentenced to 15 years in jail after guilty verdict in gang-rape case. The two were sentenced on Friday when they were presented before Milimani Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku.

Wale ma cop wa Bush that Olaba used to terrorize must be rejoicing. Nakumbuka kuna siku Gift, cop alikuwa form 3 akijiona akakula breakfast ya Olaba. Olaba grabbed the burger, carried him to Francis table 5 and started giving him slaps in front of the whole Francis house members. It was one of my best highlights in Bush. Cop kupigwa na hakuna kitu wenzake wangeweza kumsaidia. He was a goddamn hero to me on that day. (Prefects in Bush have very violent tendencies, it’s good to see them get hit once in a while)

Then he went on and raped somebody. Talk about moving from grace to grass. Rape. Yaani hiyo A- yake na career ya Rugby imekunywa maji hivo. People keep forgetting that a drunk person cannot give consent.

Fuck cops though. Woote. Polisi wa ukweli na makarao prefects too.

Wea av u been kondoo ya limuru?

While at it, please confirm for us who was the first president of Kenya.

Bush, francis house, gift bla bla. How old are you?

Olaba escapades aside, a village elder should not be recalling high school drama. Hiyo tumeachia NVs.