ALERT :: African's Slavery, Colonisation & Poverty Was Prophesied In The Bible...Quite Accurately

Have your bibles close…this will be interesting…

** Check this out , first 20 or 10 minutes are enough **

Dude, choose one! Either you believe in that Hebrew oral tradition and Roman fiction that was partly concocted at the council of Nicaea as you rightly posted recently or you have emancipated your thoughts.

Israel ndio important when it comes to prophesy. Everything thats happening today is majorly because of Israel, Jews and Christianity. All this other prophesies just pass them.

No the facts cannot change , white Jesus is a fraud & christianity is man made…huko ni middle east , basungu kutoka huko ni …tumia common sense

the bible got altered to fit that muzungu narrative… If you watch that video , you will see what I mean …

Watch 10 minutes of the video… It’s not dull , you will see !

Wow thanks I am loving it Sir! I’m closely following the video with my bible in hand. I’m usually highly interested in this kind of stuff, but I can’t fully confirm to you that Jesus Christ is black but I know for a fact that Israel (Jacob) was a black man. Now we know that Jesus comes from the roots of Jacob, from the Judah stalk. So technically Jesus will be black.
You know Jesus Christ has a glorified body and I usually wonder what complexion / colour He has right now.
I have to apologize for my earlier comment. I commented without watching the video but I’m watching it right now and I can tell the speaker is spitting facts and I’m loving it. I will let you know my thoughts as soon I am finished watching.

When I said this is interesting stuff …I meant it , nangojea your views , if anyone else understands the bible , saidia kijiji

Wawawa its true its all true. More African people need this kind of knowledge.

Click this link.;list=UUKU2KyYQxF0v41s51Lihbrw

So,if jacob decended from adam(son of read earth),that means adam was black/copper in appearance…and since he was made in god’s image…eh? The G man is black too?

Umenimention aje na sioni handle yangu kwa post yako? What sorcery is this?

since we’re on the topic here something for curious minds

White Jesus was just to make slavery and colonization easier …can you imagine those bonobo Africans being told God looks like their colonisers yes master but obviously not all of them were fooled.

Why force the man into a binary perspective as to what musings he may have in the vastness of his ideas?

I wish @ndume watched the video before commenting .

the bishop there is not preaching , just watch 10 or 5 minutes , believe me , it’s worth your time