Alejandro Garnacho amekunywa sumu

Kijana Garnacho has just received a bumper pay rise from Man Utd and the first thing ni kumwaga ndani bila kutumia kondiko, huyo kunguru ako happy juu she will spend no single day kuhustle juu ameshasecure millions ya child support incase sh!t hits the fan.

The boy just turned 18 years juzi, honestly at this age you don’t know any sh!t about yourself as a man leave alone raising a child, this is going to be one hell of a disaster kama ile ya Antony Martial.

Same thing happened to a certain basketballer. Alimwaga ndani akiwa 17 na mwanamke akiwa 26.

Foolishness is worse than witchcraft

There are no “senior players at Man U” to guide him.

huyo dem amechapa walai. Hata mimi nikienda pale Manchester lazima nitafute tuu prewall soft meat with blue eyes.

@chap not everyone desires to die a childless old bachelor like you and the fantasizing @Kodiaga
Some people get satisfaction by raising a family instead of spending their money on hookers which in your case you spend your entire teachers salary on @Kodiaga

Sijaielewa what creteria do Jungus use when it comes to choosing a partner. Hapa kwetu, lazima mattercore ikue vsible kwanza.

Kawaida ya mtaa wa Manchester. Ngori tu.

Matako kubwa = Low iq bastards scientifically proven.

Kachunge sana kasiende the mason greenwood way.

Hata Mimi nikipata white pucci siwezi vaa CD

Clubs like Manchester actively encourage their players to marry very young so that they can settle down and concentrate on football

settling down doesn’t correlate to discipline, case example is someone like ktalk Agwambo who is married but still ejaculates recklessly, doesn’t even respect his manhood

Scientists cunt agree on shiettt ju kuna wengine wanasema matako kubwa on the mama high IQ kids ni lazima:cool:

Wacha wivu kijana, ni pesa inakusumbua.

from the dressing , ameoa malaya . within 2 years itakuwa tear gas kwa nyumba after Thomas Partey kutombea hio umbwa Garnacho .

Reminds me jamaa that played for Argentina, his name is Maxi Lopez. Alitombewa bibi na team mate called Mauro Icardi. Was a big blunder because Messi was the then captain of the team so he dropped Icardi from the World Cup team despite being the top scorer in Serie A then.

It’s actually the opposite. Some fatty acids that are only accumulated on the hips contribute to high IQ

Icardi nae amepelekwa mbio na uyo kunguru Wanda ivi majuzi, good thing alikua akicheza Turkey where depressed and mentally ill players get dumped

kwani unaogopa kutag @Agwambo ?