Alcoholism is a demon

What’s with India and alcoholism? I have a rela who went to India and was alcoholic until he ended his life. Yaani severe alcoholism. I would like to understand the correlation between Kenyan students in India and alcoholism

Regular students anywhere suffer from that. I have friends who I never saw sober one day. Either drunk or nursing a hangover. One or two alive but most gone today.

The issue of alcoholism is very common in the world especially among the students who leave their country and enter the universities abroad.
Drinking alcohol is associated with having stress. They consider it to be a medication to forget about their problems and relax. However, the scariest thing is when it grows into a habit. I hope that you do understand how it becomes a sort of addiction: if you drink heavily, you’ll have the hangover the following day. It may be extremely dangerous for life because if you don’t drink some alcohol, you may die. And here is the vicious circle: heavy drink - hangover - heavy drink.
The best way to avoid alcohol addiction, as I can see it, is the personal realisation of the fact that you should take your problems and deal with them but not try to run away from them.

@TrumanCapote acha kuwekelea India. The guy was alcohol dependent before he cleared high scho

Yah it demonic, I have seen people loosing job because of alcoholism, mtu anakunywa ata anaepa job akakunywe…Hii kitu unashangaza for sure

its about self control and missuse of the freedom one has as theres no one to supervise you nothing more mbona hakuwa na issues mingi in Kenya

The body of a person who drinks alcoholic beverages wears out several times faster than the body of a healthy, non-drinker. Alcoholic beverages affect all systems and organs without exception, weaken the immune system, lead to frequent diseases. Usually, drinkers die of heart attacks. Not a few of the people and those drinkers who commit suicide. Death also occurs from diseases that occur due to regular intake of alcohol. Alcohol pushes for criminal actions, thoughtless actions. Therefore, it is advisable for people with alcohol addiction to follow at least the advice of [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)] about how to stay sober if they can’t completely give up alcohol.