Alcoholism and Kikuyu men - the case of Brian Chira

In Kenya men from all tribes fight poverty but why do kyuk men drink so much? Is it a curse or what?

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wagikuyu wame invest sana kwa maneno ya kutahiri vijana wakidanganya watu eti wanapewa mafunzo wakuwe wanaume, kumbe ni biashara huwa wanaendeleza.

jamii ya wagikuyu inaongozwa na wanawake.

jamii ya wagikuyu founders wake ni mumbi na wasichana wake.

io resources wazazi wa central kenya huharibu wakilipa kanisa la pcea vijana waende kutahiriwa na kupewa mafunzo, heri mtu akunywe nayo pombe.

jamii ya wagikuyu imepotea, haina future, hakuna wanaume


Wakyuk wako na mambo chunguu mzima I heard a Congolese pastor saying that Kyuk women bewitch even their sons when they are kids by giving them a portion in porridge so they can control them as they grow up.

I knew shit is real when I heard Mungiki is oathing young men with dog blood. Kwanzaa uchawi iko kwa Wakyuk is very dangerous

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Umeskia wakikuomba mbegu
Ngui eno

Calling another man babe is gay.

koseni kuomba mbegu uone vile mtaisha. tunawapea miaka kidogo sana.

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Tukiisha ama tukiongezeka inakuhusu aje. Si wewe uzae kama professional bull ya mbegu muongezeke mkuwe wengi mpate sifa

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Kikuyu men tuko ngangari manugu

Yaani muCongolese ameishi maisha yake Congo, anasafiri anavuka border ya TZ na Uganda, halafu anaingia Kenya, anawakuta huku na ati yeye ndio anakuja kuwaambia what Kikuyus are, na nyinyi ndio mumeishi nayo all your life ? Kwani nyinyi hamna akili zenu ? Kweli hizi story za “I heard…” huwa story za jaba :rofl:


Tumeishi nao wapi? We don’t know what they do behind closed doors but there’s a reason why kyuk men are bcming useless, na sio kitu ingine, ni kurogwa na mamazao so they become under their control. Even Kibe huongea hio story of how adult kyuk men huwa controlled by their mothers. A kyuk pasta pia ashai ongelea hio kitu. The Congolese is a pastor and he saw it in a vision. Btw West Africans ikija mambo spiritual wako mbele. Hadi uchawi. So it’s very plausible.

Ati the Congolese pastor saw this in “a vision” :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I think you are giving too much power to other human beings. I am not surprised that you believe in witchcraft. And I also notice you easily believe everything in what other people say, ati nani alisema, pia nani alisema. So what some random people say about something becomes a gospel truth to you I don’t know how old you are but I hope one day you will learn to start researching and observing things for yourself rather than gullibly believing in things because someone said this or that.


I think most media coverage is on kikuyus. I also think it could be due to the huge kikuyu population. if 10% of kikuyus drink, that’s about a million people. If 10% of kambas drink, that’s about 100, 000 people

People drink bana. It isn’t a tribe thing. It’s just that kikuyus are huge population-wise, hence the number


Vile mzee @sani amesema. Naona kijana Mike Njeri aka @Mikymas amekasirika sana

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Alcoholism is not a tribe , race , cast , sex , religion or race thing …

It is an affliction as old as mankind himself…
And it seems to get worse the more we “progress” in terms of so-called “progress” , sophistication and “development”…

Nothing wrong with having an occasional recreational drink or two …

But …
When it becomes a pressing necessity , drive , need or requirement , seek help …

Before it is too late …:roll_eyes:

You give them far too much credit

And Witchcraft is not a Spiritual attribute worth boasting about …
It is the dark art of a Fallen Angel of GOD.

But he is still GOD’s Devil
Created by HIM and existing in HIS domain by his express will …

They are almost all essentially Conmen and Conwomen

There is no doubt that some select Men and Women have the Spiritual gifts of teaching , healing , decernment and deliverance …

But …
Real “Healers” would head for somewhere with the afflicted , like Kenyatta National Hospital , and perform their Spiritual “magic” there

That is what Our Lord JESUS CHRIST did every day of his ministry on Earth

So far …
None of them seems to have taken up that challenge …

That is why I personally prefer to remain privately “Spiritual” and share my Success , Failures , Pain , Joy , Despair Tranquility, Satisfaction and Contentedness directly and privately with my Creator

You came into this World alone …
And thus you will depart it …

Honey, I believe in God ,I believe in witchcraft, I have been to see one though I thought he was a herbalist I was being taken to. Look,the most sucessful business people in Kenya Indians wake up at 4.30am to go pray to an elephant. You think Im superstitious? You think Im gullible . How about you explain to me why this people wont open their businesses before seeing their devotee and dedicating the money you bring them to their 300 million gods before taking it to the bank. Drive near a temple at those hours and tell me how many cars you see. You are the one who is ignorant. Not me. I believe in the spirit world because when I sleep I sometimes go to places Ive never been before much later I visit the place for the first time and I get dejavu feelings about the place kumbe my spirit has been there before my body did. We kaa hapo na researching and observing things for yourself. If you think you have time to research and observe everything you are delusional. All the serious shit with some real tangible consequences happens in the spirit realm. Indians know it, why dont you?