Alcoholic Ugandan Omega Male (40) Steals Wife's (43) Ksh 7,900 & Wastes It On Alcohol. Gets Killed By Angry WifeTh

Ugandan woman Juliet Chelangat, aged 43, is said to have withdrawn KSh 7,900 from her savings to pay for her children’s school fees However, her husband Stephen Namawangal, aged 40 stole the money and used all of it on alcohol The two engaged in a violent fight after the husband failed to return the money, leading to his death


Watu wa kufugwa na wanawake should be exterminated and not be allowed to procreate as they will be introducing weak genes into the ecosystem..

That is what UG police claim


Is that the 43 yr old woman ama huyo amewekwa hapo kufanya nini coz she looks 67.


Nigga deserved the beating. How do you drink your children’s s school fees


Huyo mama ni Mkale wa UG, anaitwa Chelagat yaani JELA

Lakini would a 67 year old have kids in primary?

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Kama huyo mama ni wa 43 years basi mimi Niko 17


Huyo jamaa deserves to die. He was just a liability to his family

Unless umerusha maroundi 7k ni mob sana.

Na akaosha rungu