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A faster way to get high for @imma_Peasant like @Ndovu


Do you know that the rectum is higly specialized in the process of reabsorption of water from stool, so now they learnt this in Biology and are abusing that function. Next is an increase in Colorectal Cancers since the alcohol they are inserting in their assholes is tainted with harmful industrial chemicals.


The dangers of taking alcohol through the rectum

What you need to know.

  • When alcohol is drunk through the mouth, it undergoes the digestive process and passes through the liver.
  • When alcohol is taken through the rectum, there is no lingering odour, making it easier for young drinkers to conceal their drinking.

There is a new trend among young Kenyan drinkers looking to get high fast and cheaply; instead of drinking alcohol, they ingest it through their rectum.

This act of getting wasted through the rectum is also referred to as butt chugging, or alcohol enema. It may seem trendy, but gastroenterologists warn that these lifestyle choices are hazardous.

“It might seem exciting or an edgy way to consume alcohol, but it’s dangerous as it causes alcohol poisoning, tissue damage, infections, and other long-term health problems. People have died too,” warns Dr Onyango Ayo, a consultant gastroenterologist at Kenyatta National Hospital.

How butt chugging works

Drinkers use an alcohol-soaked tampon or insert a bottle into the rectum to deliver alcohol directly into the bloodstream. The alcohol bypasses the digestive system, allowing it to take effect more intensely, as it does not need to be metabolised by the liver first.

Dr Ayo says the rectum and colon contain an extensive network of blood vessels that can absorb substances like alcohol directly into the bloodstream.

“When alcohol is drunk through the mouth, it undergoes the digestive process and passes through the liver, where its potency is reduced. This is known as the first pass. If someone drinks too much of it, he vomits,” he explains.

“However, when alcohol is taken through the rectum, it bypasses the liver, avoiding the first metabolic effect and entering the bloodstream directly. This leads to a faster and more intense high due to the high concentration of alcohol. Unfortunately, the body’s natural defence mechanism of vomiting is bypassed,” he adds.

The first metabolic effect refers to the process by which the concentration of food or drink (when taken orally) is reduced before it starts to circulate through your body.

Conceal their drinking

Since the alcohol is not consumed through the mouth, there is no lingering odour, potentially making it easier for young drinkers to conceal their drinking.

The dangers include discomfort, as the rectum is not designed to absorb alcohol. Some people have reported experiencing a burning sensation.

The rapid increase in blood alcohol concentration can also cause severe disorientation and confusion. Unlike sipping alcohol, where the effects of alcohol gradually build up, binge drinking through the anus leads to immediate and overwhelming intoxication, making it difficult to accurately assess one’s level of intoxication.

“Once you are drunk, the health risks are already present as the alcohol is in your blood. You may not realise when you’ve had too much, and you could pass out, leading to fatal consequences,” he adds.

Risk factors

Another risk is the potential for damage to the rectum and colon. The insertion of a foreign object can cause tearing or other physical damage. Alcohol is a harsh substance that can irritate and harm the delicate lining of the rectum and colon, leading to inflammation, infection, and long-term damage.

The rapid absorption of alcohol can also contribute to serious damage to the tissues of the rectum and colon, resulting in inflammation, ulcers, rectal bleeding, or infection.

When alcohol enters the rectum, it can cause irritation, inflammation, and cracks in the lining, making you more susceptible to infection.


While alcohol dependence can be treated, side effects of taking alcohol through the anus are a different matter.

“There is no medical treatment for this, and the only suggestion is to avoid it and to consume alcohol traditionally. “This is not a condition for which a doctor will provide you with a prescription or medication,” Dr Ayo advises.

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