Alcohol and Women

They say alcohol and women go together, if you love both - you are finished. I feel like a man needs to choose a struggle, kama wewe ni wa kuvuana suruali baki hio lane,don’t mix it. BTW that’s the reason I have sober for the last 2 weeks and counting ( longest spell in my life since i first tasted alcohol) , i think i can live like this hehe:D:D

“I spent most of my money on drugs, alcohol and women. The rest I squandered!.”

  • George Best.( Famous British Footballer) R.I.P from alcoholism… kikikikkkk…

Enjoy life, ponda Mali kufa kwaja and non of us is getting out of this shyte alive!.. kikikikkkk…

Itajuwaje kufyeka vitu kila siku bila kumeza angalau kabia kamoja? In my quite extensive and intensive philandering, there is nothing I have found as relaxing to a kunguru as a few glasses of wine. You learn a lot from a drunk kunguru.

Its is not guarantee that you will get rich by quitting alcohol, but by quitting women its almost assured your book balances will be healthier. that does not mean that i am not hitting this insurance agent milf swinging herself to me

very true, i use the same trick on the not so easy looking ones, and when they relax I start engaging higher gears slowly

This place is full of rapists…

kwani pombe ni tamu aje hadi mtu anakua alcoholic…i dont understand…

Yes here I am

Woiii akili yako imelost tayari

U think u can just drop one and just make it? :D:D:D

Like the world has just been waiting for you ?

Sisi tukiamka 5;30 daily wewe ati umetupea head start utacatch up? :meffi::meffi::meffi:

I compete on the here and now