Alan Rickman, Harry Potter's infamous Snape dies

He’s died at 69.
He was most well-known for portraying the complicated villain Severus Snape in the films based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.


hehe rekebisha osungu before ukutwe mimi najua ni typo

rip ata kaa sijai ona harrypotter

When i heard the news i actually felt bad… this guy made me laugh with his portrayal of Snape in Harry Porter…

David Bowie was 69 too :eek:

Ambia Ramsey aache kufunga mabao, ama atamaliza celebs wote

Rip severus Snape and Rip to your osungu

RIP Snape…the ultimate double agent!!


in today’s world, 69 is not actually a bad age to pass on.

He did fit in Snape’s charactervizuri sana.