Alai was right all along.

This stuff reads like a movie.
But these days ladies have become extremely conniving, they are willing to do anything for cash.
woe unto you if you are a man with no means, no lady will look at you twice…

@eddy mahelo

hakuna kitu kama hiyo females wako na akili kama ya kuku play with their emotions money wont mean shit (jowie is an example)

niaje bukusu man

Uweschieth zile momo zako chafu huwa unacheza na emotions zao

Coz without the old man she prob wouldnt be doing business in the first place

Wacha ukutwe na beste yake damu


from the small pieces from the story it seems she started doing well after sleeping with the elderly man

Its pure sweat ,literally She worked real hard :D.

“John Garang, his friend and age-mate”


Very shady way to bring in the age angle

Please debunk that Bible myth… Ati money love is the root of all evil.

Invariably exasperating in the end.

Niko poa ngabu. How are you?

quite okay.

I have an erection but am afraid to ask you for some slices

A good filter is to project yourself as a man of modest means, even if you could live a lavish lifestyle if you wanted.

At least the ladies who get attached to you would likely be more genuine, rather than gold diggers.

Come on the warlord is in pain and judging by the sample of Sudanese women I see hii Nairobi he lost good puthy… let this case rest already

That is the best plan. Only the honest will even give you a chance