Alai vs USA Ambassador to kenya


Alai thinks he is a “bigwig” coz he has a big head.

That ambassador has a condascending attitude I am sure he is wishing for maximum punishment

After reading that, Alai must have wiped sweat from his face.

What prompted Alai to call the ambassadeur an idiot?

@Tom Wallace

He called Trump "idiot’ and tagged ambassador in the tweet

Kusoma rahisi kuelewa ndio shida.

Alai ought to pick fights with his class, hehe choices have consequences

Mr… Nunua simu Ina auto-correct kama hukusoma Tom and Mary vizuri

If you view other replies, most ofthem were just insults to the president. I really don’t think Trump cares.

Useless ambassador, why reply to such trash unless you’re actually stupid.

Alai once called Magoha and prof mbithi " piece of shit"

Alai didn’t have money then,he really tried to pick up fights with Babu Owino but somehow he never succeed

Diplomacy and condescension do not stray very far apart.

There is this saying that in diplomacy you must learn to tell someone to go to hell in a manner that would make her want to.

Bleats of sheep seldom interfere with the lion’s meal

Some of these debates are way beyond Alai’s limited intellect, the ambassador should have ignored him. Wote ni washenzi tu…

Should have read Alai VS Trump

Alai atapotezwa one of these fine days.

Stupid boy with no manners. Good luck ever getting a US visa.

purpleste niaje?