Alaa Kumbe Zanzibar is a Modern Metropolis?

I always thought it was a sleepy coastal village on par with Lamu lakini it turns out they have sky scrapers and all…

Maajabu aisee…

Any Ktalkers with some interesting hekayas from this enchanted island? Is it a place you could consider living long term or is it only good for a 2 week vacation?

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2 weeks max. Nywele ngumu mentality lurks there.

Most of the prime properties or locations are owned or managed by foreigns. I went about an hour away from the main center n there’s a beach full of Italians.

Dar is not Zanze


Africans don’t own anything even in their countries. Ends uko Zanzibar uone. Foreigners own almost everything. Waafrika can’t mark territory. Watu bure kabisa.


Africans are chimpanzees


This is Daressalaam not Zanzibar bana.

Zanzibar Kwa Madam HE Suluhu kuzuri. Full of foreigners. Surprisingly they actually like Kenyans far more than their mainland counterparts. You can easily invest there upewe papers

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Good idea.

Zanzibar vitu zinachargiwa in dollars my fwend… its not a place to visit ukiwa haujipanga.

But I am an african and own my flat hapo donholm that gives me 700k per month.

Shiet my bad! Hiyo ya pili ni Dar lakini the first is Zanzibar

To dense Brainless negroes, skyscrapers ndio maendeleo

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Madelin Colombia
Hii ndio city.
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Wee umbwaa pangusssa tushoi kwa tutanye twa tushosho mosmos.what makes you think you have become a African Continent Gepolitical Analyst juu umepanda ndege ukaenda kuosha tushosho Amerka?Umbwaa wewe.