Al-shabab overun AU base in Somalia

According to BBC :
The Islamist group says it has taken “complete control” of the camp and killed more than 60 Kenyan soldiers.
Militants attacked the southern el-Ade base for Somali soldiers before dawn and fighting continued for several hours, Kenya’s military spokesman said.
He says Kenyan troops based nearby counter-attacked and fought the insurgents. The number of casualties was not known, he said.

A resident nearby told the BBC by phone that he heard a loud explosion at about 05:30 local time (02:30 GMT), followed by heavy gunfire.
"We then saw an al-Shabab fighter in the town. We also saw Kenyan soldiers who were fleeing from the camp.
“At the moment the camp is in the hands of al-Shabab. We can see military cars burning and dead soldiers all over the place. There are no civilian casualties but most people have fled the town.”
African Union troops in Somalia are helping the UN-backed government battle al-Shabab, which is part of al-Qaeda.

according to other sources more than 100 kdf soldiers have been killed, alshabab have holsted their flag in the compound …heavy aerial bombardment and shelling by kdf as alshabab counter with antiaircraft guns.

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wewe wacha nyefnyef. when posting that thread only xinhua had made the claim. and it is veey very clear. see an ophtamologist

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