Al Shabaab released a statement na sijaona mtu hapa akiitaja

[ATTACH=full]462097[/ATTACH] tldr GK is pressuring the media to underreport casualties in Somalia and even in Nep and that this is an opportunity to review the whole past decade

wanasema ruto ndiye alishinda uchaguzi?

hehe disbelievers?! @messiahette kumbe pia nyinyi Alshabaab wamewaweka group moja na sisi :smiley:

KDF are killing and raping women while holed in their bunkers? Enyewe Dromedaries are delusional asf. Halafu that British cow writing that statement should be smoked out and hanged by the balls (or tits if female)

Kwani hawatambui Assimio brue?

[SIZE=7]…Al Shabaab released a statement na sijaona mtu hapa akiitaja…
Kwani wewe ni ng’ombe?[/SIZE]

Nobody cares about such things. Saa hii focus yote iko kwa elections.

we do not care about what some camel fucking rag head has to say " o who believe fight those who do not" these retards should learn to mind their own business,

That’s not a contradiction though: kdf’s operational range can be limited even as they rape & kill in areas around the barracks.

the mofos carried out a major attack on kulbiyo, which is on the Kenyan border. Kama ata hapo kdf waliwezwa, I’m sure huko interior wamelemewa ile mbaya

Overall this past decade has exposed KDF.

Kitambo walikuwa wanajifanya saints lakini sasa tunajua they are just goons like the rest of GK

Hii maneno ya Ogola haifai kushangaza anybody who’s been watching KDF since 2011

Islam presents a huge existential problem for us because it is incompatible with our way of life. Christians and Jews are considered “people of the book” in Islam. They are allowed to live alongside Muslims but only as second class citizens. Atheists don’t get that “privilege.” When they are presented with Islam they must either convert or die.

Do these inbreds know that there is a new sheriff in town?

They should ask around how M Zero One dealt decisively with their kins who thought they could destabilise the nation from the up-North!

Wewe una akili kweli? Why should anyone engage these human waste in any discussion? They had been attacking us for ages even before our forces went to somalia. These children if prostitutes have even taken advantage of living in our refugee camps that they themselves have helped create to plan attacks in our country!
If they are men enough why do they use their women and children as human shields? They are so cowardly they can’t face the soldiers, they target women and children.
Hii ndiyo meffi you want Kenyans to engage with? Mbona hamnanga akili?

Kenya noma yaani we invaded a country vile msito Putin alicheza . now lets annex crimea/Jubaland :D:D:D:D i love this