Akothee's net worth

Brags big time, my research points to 6.2 billion. But I know some few hundred millions can work wonders and can be deceptive.

Love that woman .The best go getter i have ever seen .

How did you arrive to that figure… Anyways… She’s ugly… But since she’s rich… She’s beautiful… Get it.

Pesa ni sabuni:D:D

R.I.P to her pussy and asshole. Wazungu wameitafuna kuitafuna… hizo “dollars” don’t come that easily.

whichever way you look at it, the end result is money and thats what matters

Ati 6.2 billion? You must be very green to think that a woman that flosses like that is worth 6.2b.

Lakini hata kama mtasema ni pussy pekee, you have to hand it to her. So many prettier bitches have tried her route with sponsors and ended nowhere; only hitting the glass ceiling of having a demio and an apartment in Thindigua with the occasional trip to coast. Akothee on the other hand has made the most of it with average looks and a large number of children. She must be bright/have more brains than the average Nairobi Roysambu slay queen that gets fascinated by “CONNING” you a dinner date and drinks on Friday and thinks she has made it.

I once saw a post where she was advising the bottom feeder slay queens how to treat their “SPONSORS” to derive maximum benefits and they were sneering at her tips in the comments section. The irony

Spot on!!

Hahaha…umechambua hii story

https://edaily.co.ke/entertainment/exclusive-how-rich-is-akothee-singers-mouthwatering-net-worth-finally-revealed-124530/enews/celebs/ soma hapa jinga

Paka shume. If she was worth 6b, she’d be balling harder.

celebs have been known to plug tabloids with such stories to improve their image. Easy to pay for such a story in a tabloid. Even Trump was accused of faking his way into the Forbes list in the 1980s so as to get access to more credit/financing. But we are not denying that Akothee is Rich

Hapo juu ulisema it is your research. Anyway, she cannot have a house worth 50M USD. That price tag is for houses like [SIZE=5]Buckingham Palace[/SIZE]

ha ha reminds me of some slay queen that stole my flashdisk after spending the night at my place… very shortsighted idiots… na hawapendi kuskiza veterans

shows us your type of coomer:D:D:D

She thought she would blackmail you with maybe the information that it contained

umenikumbusha kuna mwenye ali inuka na ear phones zangu

Kenyans need to be exposed to large sums of money. Poverty has driven us to believe that an individual running a small tour and travel agency can amass a fortune as large as 6.2 birrions.

I’m not hating on Akothe. Infact, I love that girl but I highly doubt the story.

Silly manager who ‘broke’ the story should now prepare for a full audit by KRA.

Reminds me of one Mr. Mbogo who ‘leaked’ letters from KRA claiming that his Swiss bank accounts had been frozen. He also ‘leaked’ another letter from Karen Residents association claiming that his helicopter caused so much noise that they couldnt sleep at night.