Mbona unanitusi na ni majadiliano tu? Ama you and Nyakundi have discovered a new use for Arimis? You know he has no known female friends.

Lakini Akothee deserves the backlash. Setting standards after printing money using her pussy! Aaii ukidinywa nyamaza. Sasa hatutapumua juu uko na pesa ya umalaya?

Is it nyakundi or the shemale you fancy?


Tuachie hapo. Some tangents are not worth my time.

That’s not a nyeuthi ass…halafu @mr.motor_addict whereas I can see the so called nyeuthi ass,where is your mjulubeng (gayyyyyy?)

No number of photos implying Akothee’s alleged oversized MONEYMAKER could ever counter this stream-of-consciousness barrage if sweeps, all of which are brutally true and verifiable:


io pesa akitumia kujibamba ni tofauti na yako ya mhindi?

Look at this scumbag calling people gay while asking to see my mjuols and shouting gay while hidden in *brankets!..this is how we call out mjuols cornea cleanseeing faggots like you: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY:D:D:D

Hii bus umeihata…actually I was preempting those who like shouting gay every time a blue handle refers to a mjulubeng belonging to another blue handle,hence the question mark. Trust your closeted mind not to see that…

Niliona KOT wamepost coffin ya Akothee nikacheka mbaya.



Ktalk would not be Ktalk if Cyprian Nyakundi was not a dues-paying member with several handles.

This thread looks like his first attempt to get off the canvas, and the way some ‘respondents’ are getting annoyed and personal betrays his mounting frustration.

Akothee was one target too far. You cannot get floored and resume the fight using the same old punches and poor defence. Utapewa K.O.

Hii thread imeniua!:D:D

Leo ni Leso Day :smiley:

Nyakundi tulia :smiley:

In other words, It is hard to beat a woman when she’s down. :cool:


Hizo ndondi ni kali