This is all garbage.

The boychild army of losers trying to repeat Nyakundi’s insult using illustrations instead of answering Akothee’s observations one by one.

what was that malaya’s observation?..

The boyshaod is a hanger on, earns his peasant earnings from gossip and insults and his education and fluent use of lingua hasn’t helped him much-he knows he can not afford a full course meal at sankara but he can’t admit that.OUCH !

The gal child was a mboch- her own words
She is a school drop out- her own words
She made her money through her cunt- her own words
She has kids from different reach men- her own words
Insulting her is a waste of time and breath. She won that battle hands down.

Good that you ask.

  1. Nyakundi is a broke-ass freeloader who nurses a Fanta for 2 hours as he waits for politicians in hotels (kama mtegaji!);

  2. Nyakundi failed academically and has no discernible hustle except insulting successful people and blackmailing corporations;

  3. Nyakundi, given point 2, has not uplifted his parents’ lives or made any impact on his village. Akothee said that Nyakundi’s father is yet to meet KPLC;

  4. Nyakundi has made it his business to advice successful women on sexual and family matters, but has no known girlfriend, wife or children (=>implied impotence and chronic rejection) ;

There are many more. Go and read Akothee’s post again.

Akothee has a bunch of kids and a body that many women without children would kill for. I highly doubt that she’d be bothered by graphic representations of her vagina.

:D:D:D:D:Dwewe na nyangumi hamna tofauti…technical knockouts

Real talk…

Not sure about this one here thou…I got nothing against her but her body doesn’t even fall under the female category in my checklist:D:D:D

But is true.
I love a woman who doesn’t hide her true nature. I doubt any words hurled at her can break her.


Humanity is diverse and no one person can define the ideal female form.

Akothee’s body type is tall and slim. After carrying 5+ children to term, it is clear that she has worked hard at the gym and track to maintain that body.

More than 5 men have been sufficiently attracted to her to dry-fry and impregnate her.

In contrast, Nyakundi is yet to lift the veil on his harem…

Your own words :D:D

Akothe= @Nattydread , thread closed.

Omwami…I agree with you but there’s an important detail your nyeuthi ass licking 5 foot faggot self missed. I’ve highlighted just incase your fellow sons of bimbos miss it too. Asande.

I have my own words.:smiley:

I know. That I surely know.

You got that in common. Nothing beats a woman who stands her ground in my sexolometer. That shit is attractive. Guess it explains why her sponyos flock and fuck her in equal gist. Same reason why makanika murefi was chasing your nyeuthi ass vichakani juzi.:D:D:D:D




Boyshild down