So I decide to join this site hata sijui what’s happening here and guess what happens immediately?
Instant 4 DMs …who might these be?


Clout chaser… unaji inbox na izo handle zako zingine alafu unakuja kututishia. Saitain.


@TrumanCapote unasumbua kijiji.

You are one the regulars here with a million handles that speak to themselves. Monologue.

Wewe @femicide ngojea end month nita-buy ka-axe :wink:

Atwoli tunajua handwriting yako…

@digi comments fupi fupi mvua isitukute hapa

Vagina monologues.

Mami wa randan OSHA Mimi masho inbox

Hehehe you are ‘new’ around here and you already know that is how a few empty heads refer me as? moved from London months ago.
I just know who your other handles are.