Akothee was an SDA pastor's wife

Life can really change.


I can’t name any of her songs but I once chanced on a Betty Kyalo video when at Akothee’s hse. I was quite impressed. Her parents were in attendance.
She feeds her brood well.

That was a very honest and unscripted interview

Akothee is a legend in Kenya. She’s really something.

May’be you’ve watched it. It was in her hse in othumo. I don’t follow the current Kenyan music scene as I barely understand the slang. But some of my friends do as they normally run to watch Diamond when he visits. His shows are a sell out though I think he is from TZ?
She seems to have invested well…

Akothee is a smart woman. Raising 5 kids well with no man in sight is not a mean fete. That woman is legendary. And her kids are so well behaved and successful. Personally I admire her greatly. Life gave her lemons. She made strawberry lemonade . Her kids are unbelievably lucky to have her. She’s just an amazing woman. I’ve never been a huge fan of celebrities but I am a huge fan of Akothee. She’s just a woman on a whole other level. The only woman I respect more is the Ugandan mom with over 40 kids. I respect moms alot but single moms just amaze me. They are just so unstoppable and fearless and I absolutely love it. Hawajui a word called impossible. I really love and admire that spirit. She’s a role model to so many women. Especially Kenyan women.

So so true. She seemed v down to earth. I told you on the other thread that ‘mwana ni wa nyina’ so if the mum keeps the focus then we are all good. Also told you… that educated Naijo women told me that bwana akitaka kwenda aende…just mind your kids. They really look after their kids…attending the tedious school events, holding down senior jobs, scolding their kids in Ibo was the norm kwa ofisi but the ones I know have turned out so well. They have impeccable manners and respect.