Akothee: a case of open hypergamy (beta males msiclick hapa)

Ivi tuseme mwanamke akikuparade kwa social media you become alpha male? I never see bibi ya Uiliam do that.

Akothee is fine, its her time to Shine. Are you jealous, you can’t reach that level. be easy try other avenues Kama home pub hivi and be open minded your time will cum

Hii mambo ilianza na Carol who made it okay to be openly hypergamous ,akachia maina who has advocated for hypergamy na cock carousel riding alafu wanatengeneza Vera to be their social media god na Betty to be the TV god ,sasa wako na akoo thee to be the god to lure " mature" mothers into this hypergamy and cock riding shit ,

Guy is out here lamenting. Why does he even have to bring it up. Lamenting is moralizing.