Akothee: a case of open hypergamy (beta males msiclick hapa)

Red pill godfather Rollo Tomassi has recently been warning the manosphere that the next trend for feminism is to encourage open hypergamy. Women will openly admit to having alpha fucks and beta bucks in their lives and they will not want to be judged for it.

The poster child for this trend internationally is Ariana Grande. Her songs about juggling multiple men (Thank You, Next etc) are red hot right now. In Kenya, the poster child for open hypergamy is Akothee. Note how she openly cucks her beta male provider by parading her alpha male manager on social media. Meanwhile beta male ndio anafinance life yake na anaambiwa akubali hiyo situation. Note how women are usually cheering Akothee on like a role model. These are the times that lay ahead. Team monogamy mtalia kwa choo.

Why can’t you move to Saudi Arabia since you are part of moral police.

Nyakundi unasumbua.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Why do people’s actions or lives matter to “alphas”? I thought they don’t give a fvck about anything but they’re always b!tching about something or the other.

Nilisema beta males wasiclick but naona they couldn’t resist the urge

You are the biggest beta male. You get intimidated by a woman’s ass.

Men who call themselves alphas in reality they aren’t. I rest my short defense

sweetie niko on your case now,tugathie kuhanda ithege rii?

Who’s cock did you suck to earn your ‘village Sponsor’ title?
Tuanzie hapo Miss Miseducated Feminist!
You’ve never started a single thread in your life kazi ni jeering and jibes poking…

People who feel the need to ‘classify’ themselves as ‘alphas’ to strangers are a joke…try being a man,alpha wachai watu ya series

A very detailed analysis ,but this will fail terribly for the average non celeb chic ,sisi tuta adapt na introduce reverse hypergamy na hii ndio itamaliza this women , especially the average and below average majority women

Correction, I let someone suck me. What can I say baby girl? I’m in demand.

@Nefertities ngwenda unyumborire kana nie nionyenda handu wa ndure ngoromagirira ota kagu na ngoro yaku nogukorwo nyandikitwa na coka onakava onyumborire

Talking about sucking.
I hope you like swallowing…
Ladies don’t spit!.


hii alai anasumbua gaelshaod akinukisha… pun intended

Oohhh, where did she hurt you?

Akothee mpeeni macho tu. Every ngite has it’s day. Na siku yake itafika. Due to her theatrics in the last weeks that day might come sooner than you think.

umeona mahali amesema this is right or wrong? that would be moralising! beta/alpha talk aside, men who catch feelings every time the word ‘provider’ come up are those who know deep down they can’t score unless they open their wallet, and that monogamy is the only way to keep getting laid.