Akina Spear and Co. Kujeni


This has always been so obvious. Kenya 1 is so calm and relaxed. Looks happier, not like someone who will be made to regret some of his decisions by a non-friendly regime later. As you were

By 2099 there will have been at least 10 very unique presidents probably from different tribes.

In that time you might even see kikuyus saying wameishi kwa baridi sana warudishwe ndani ya sirkali.

This is the fear that is currently facing the Democratic party of America. Trump has changed the U.S political landscape forever because he was neither a Democrat nor a Republican.

You will see even more U.S presidents coming from outside those two shithole cartel parties.

sijaelewa ama?
wanafanya acting wamekosana alafu 2022 watu wapigie kura ruto kupunish uhuru?

The president of Kenya in 2069 will probably be a millenial who gives speeches in sheng juu kila mtu at that time has grown up knowing sheng.

In 2123 A.D probably the nation Kenya will be a province of a larger country in East Africa ruled by a Ugandan or even a Nigerian.

Uhuru Kenyatta and his red shirts will be ancient history.

The capital of Kenya will probably be Nakuru or even Kisumu. They will be watching videos like these ones here on youtube and wondering what the heck was wrong with their fellow Africans :



this shows that wiper is determined to stand its ground and have kamelon on the ballot. Hapa baba amekula huu

Hata mimi sielewi.

The old senile fool called Raila should just quit politics to avoid the huge embarrassing defeat awaiting him