Akiliza Za Panya Na Akili Ya Kenyan Voter Zinafanana Kabisaaa

Kenyan voters are weird & funny. Kikuyu & Kalenjin voters are illiterate & they entertain mediocrity.

Someone was voted in Murang’a because he used to sell milk, his nickname ‘Wa Iria’ made him Governor of two terms.

In Nyeri, someone who used to operate Tingas & was nicknamed ‘wamatinga’ is serving as a Senator because of his nickname.

In Nyeri still, someone was nicknamed ‘Kanini Kega’ was elected because of his name. Another one was nicknamed ‘Kabando Wa Kabando’ & that made him a Member of Parliament.

In Kiambu, we have one who used to sell tanks & was nicknamed ‘wamatangi’ & was elected as a senator & now Governor.

In Rift Valley someone was elected because he was called ‘Koti Moja’ another one was elected for being called ‘Badilisha’.

In Kirinyaga, Anne was called Minji Minji, she’s serving her second term her second term.

When I say majority of Kenyan voters are illiterate, I know what I mean.