Akili Towers Community

PROJECT: Akili Tower
CLIENT: Private

Akili Tower is a 30 storey mixed use tower in Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya. The proposed site is on the prow of the hill over looking the Uhuru Park and the Central Business District. The shape of the tower is defined by the above ground requirement for car parking which forms the 6 levels separating the lower 3 levels of retail from the upper levels offices, restaurants and residential.The car parking is a continuous ramp around the central core. The concrete external structural shell sets up a framework for the different uses a which have a different elevation treatments, appropriate to their use.The deck level separating the car parking and the tower above contains restaurants opening on to the large terrace and gym with views over the city. Open plan offices occupy the next 12 floors with residential and penthouses over the top 6 floors.




The concrete frame of the building is shown largely covered in terracotta louvres, with a glass curtain wall set behind. Exposed areas of the facade will be fitted with solar panels.While the office levels will occupy the full floor area behind the layered facades, setbacks will provide apartments with terraces.The balconies and staircases are set at either side of the tower, where the floor plan narrows.

“The stair cores and balconies are located at either end of the building and become the continuous features which pin the tower back to the ground level,” said the architects. “The solidity is further broken down as the plan form gets narrower at the extremes, so the building becomes more transparent.”

Construction is expected to begin on Akili Tower later this year, with local firm JEDNA as executive architects.
A few high quality versions of the new renders:



very poor design from my perspective…they should have done a better job a la pinacle towers,prism or britam.

anyway mayb the final product will be better

doesnt look 30 storey to me

They might have a restaurant pale juu or viewing deck since since the spire up top is just mostly to make be said its taller


just read this