Aki kuna wezi wa ajab

Editing title of post because I realise si mafala after the insightful comments

nowonder campus boys in juja are driving rangerovers and new models bmws

Anataka aandike watu wajinga wenye hawawezi challenge stupid orders and instructions. If you have noticed, siku hizi influential posts in gavament are held by idiots who are good at licking ass. Ask yourself why the likes of Dr. Bitange Ndemo, Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Dr. Ayisi Makatiani, Dr. Shem Ochuodho and others are not in gavament despite their accomplishments and transformational insights on issues.

whisper this to @Sakmadic "They shd stick to panel beating! " the panel beaters are white collar Omera na kesi itaaisha with a pat on the back, n before i go acha ku reason kama makende ime smama

Sikuelewi, sorry.

I never thought I would ever admit this:-
Hizo ni Bangi :smiley:

:D:D:D:D:Dati makende imesimama! WTH!

one time i went to change 7k into hundreds while counting nikapata ni 500 less and the nigga behind the counter acts nikama makosa

It was prophesied there will come a time when people will be boasting publicly how their tribes produce better thieves than others!

iy is a talent, you know…

It’s because most shiny eyes are not very educated so they prefer blue collar crime or straight up armed robbery.

Hehe but my luhyia people don’t know how to steal and we are proud of that( though some people do complain that luhyias should be more tribal, selfish and corrupt to help their own) …the few who steal a few pennies usually get caught anyway …angalia akina jirongo, savula, okemo…

Governments can never compete with corporates whennit comes to paying salaries. Even NSA is loosing to akinw Google. No hacker will agree to work for the government for peanuts yet they can make more in private sector. Unless iwe style ya Israel