Aki kuna wezi wa ajab


They shd stick to panel beating! Mambo ya wizi achia Njooro na Kaama

Wizi watu waachie kina nani???

But if you go back into recent history you will realise these white collar bank heists are being committed by Luos and kisiis. I know a number of people i went to school with who have been fired after stealing millions from eeither telcos or banks…ironically they rarely get charged in court.

@pamba iko kazi hapa, interogate hii omwami kisha blackmail hao jaruo na kisii

Do you know why they’re not charged,if you know you know.

-because prosecution would be forced to disclose method
-the methods would expose the institution’s vulnerabilities…
-…that would encourage others to try with a high chance of succeeding

  • banks build their image on the premise of being strong as fortresses…the exposure during a public trial would negate this image.

Nope have no idea why…but Leo tukienda clubhouse ngong road kukiwa na game ya rugby I can count for you atleast 20 guys who have looted serious cash…From either telcos or banks. They are now dabbling in business and ’ living large’

Makes a lot of sense.

And just like that you go and break the mystery… And it was starting to get interesting

what mystery now? i am trying to make it commonsense…

Those institutions won’t allow the public to know how the fraud was committed.

kama ingekua swali exam hapo ungepata 10/10.
another key reason is that such stories affect share prices in nse listed companies…

In fact I know of a journalist friend who called a ceo of a top bank regarding some internal fraud by IT employees in that bank. That journo was called for a meeting na corporate communication boss akapewa 200k akanyangie hiyo story.

Na kastamas kutoroka.

Funny. They lose money to thieves and fraudsters and they got to pay for the info to be kept under wraps… Kweli hiyo pesa si ya mama yao

Pale green elephant aka Mpesa pesa inaibiwa kuibwa…thats why every now and then unaskia kuna upgrades…esp. mshwari…hapo iko a yuuge loophole


so you mean these bank hackers wananukisha kitunguu mbaya with zero consequences?

If you recall that ninja who hacked Kra last year by the name mutuko sijui mbona @spear haezi mchora job kwa intelligence.