Akashas deal details

@Sovereign2 ita ule jamaa alikuwa anipiga panganga bila mpango akisema inge kuwa yeye he would have gone full trial!
In this deal they have reduced from life to 10 years . Who wouldn’t agree to that?

That means if the case against them had gone to full trial, they would have faced life in jail. However, there is a chance that they might escape with a lighter sentence because the agreement shows there is a possibility they can be released after serving a minimum custodial sentence of 10 years or a minimum supervised release of five years.

Akasha trial deal in detail

A good experienced lawyer saved these boys a big deal. I wonder why they haven’t charged them cost they incurred to expatriate them … $50,000 ni kidogo tu sana

This is human shit you posting here

10yrs ngumu sana .

Ala kumbe ni wewe… nimekufanyia kama ile hando yako ya kitambo. Enjoy :smiley:

Watatoka after 2 - 3 yrs if they behave themselves.

Hehehe dealing drugs is a serious offence kwanza states.minimum wataekwa kama 40yrs

They signed a deal. Read that article. Maximum ni 10, 5 supervised and 5 unsupervised. I’m sure they paid their lawyers millions of dollars.

Wawekwe minimum kaMbao hivi. Ama watafutiwe mashtaka zingine not negotiated. Waozee Kwa Tilampchieth…

So who or what did they give up?

It will come out in the coming days, weeks, months or even years
There are some judges and lawyers who from now on can’t dare set foot in the US.

Lets see coz judgment is upto the judge to rule guided by that agreement

Suspects walishasema trumpistan sio heaven, ata hawajawahi tamani kwenda huko anyway (insert as many green emojis as you want)

10 years in an American prison is like 10 months in Kamiti.

Livondoh is one. Others will be coming up soon

Ehh those guys ni wa wrong. I remember there was a Kenyan who beat a disabled man and she was caught on camera. She ran away to kenya and finally to Uganda or Rwanda. They went for her huko .so if they want anyone watamkujia tu

I doubt that they will get anything less than 15 years. Big time drug pushers usually get 40 years. Low to mid level get 10. The Akashas were somewhere in between. Their charges each carries a minimum sentence of 10 years. Plea bargains rarely give you the minimums. 10 years is for people who sell crack on the streets. The street hustlers.
But I could be wrong.

If the feds want u they will definitely get u.ata mwau accnts were frozen na ripple effect was nakumatt went down.

Leta hekaya

Never seen it from that angle.
Wapi wale naonanga wakifanya mahesabu hapa watuambie kama hii ni ukweli?


true kabisa