Akasha I was the bomb he even used to buy treasury bonds and his money drove the Mombasa economy. If we had 5 such people we would not go begging the west for eurobonds or syndicate loans. Most countries thrive on the black market esp Western countries which rob Africa daily.

Hawa watu kumbe walikuwa live wire, i came across them in mid 2016 nilikuwa nachapa mastori na swahiba wangu kisha ibrahim akasha akajoinin na tukachapa mastori but it was not for long lakini.

Lakini Huyo baktash alikuwa kimya the whole time and he had this dark energy around him. Wanielewa? He radiated that kind of energy of dont fucck with me, jamaa was hostile alikuwa hacheki na mtu. Alikuwa ameweka sura ya kazi kila masaa and he is tall maybe 6’3 ama 6’5. Kisha add on top of that the reputation he has on the streets hapo ndipo i knew that there are some people you do not even look their way.

Kuna stori nyengine about the akashas were involved in an accident hapo karibu na kisumu ndogo walimgonga jamaa wa bajaj. Unajua vile hawa watu wa boda boda hukuwaga, baktash akasha pulled over and tayari hao watu wa pikipiki were making a huge scene wacha baktash atoe bunduki afyatue risasi hewani niliskia people scattered like nonsense.

Hawa watu walikuwa hatari aisee.

Umefii media what the common mwananchi wants is the confessed names of judges politicians media eating the proceeds .

USA is failing us . Leak these videos kama za Trump

CIA is the greatest drug trafficker in the US any competition calls for a life sentence.


The CIA coordinates the drug trade between South America and North America. They destablize South American countries by funding rebels or placing corrupt government. In return, South American drug dealers are given a safe passage to the states(fake passports and documents). For people like Akashas who are not part of the deal, drug trafficking warrants life imprisonment. Let’s just say it is similar to protectionist tarriffs in legal trade.

Link for this?

I would also believe so thought sina link

But have you noticed that Afghanistan heroin production and export(mainly to the US) has gone up since US invasion of Afghanistan?

I hadn’t watched the video

Hio ndio wanaita upekuzi?

I have read the same same info on various forums

Bure kabisa!!!

Narcotics and Covert Intelligence: How the CIA Commandeered the "War on Drugs" - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
Also check thi declassified CIA document
Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room | CIA FOIA (foia.cia.gov)