Ajenda ya Korona Inaendelea. Please stop it. Enlighten Our Leaders

You mazafakas don’t seem to understand just how bad the end-game here is.
We reiterate what we shared here: https://kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/covid-19-war-likely-to-induce-a-global-revolution-stop-it.179850/
Covid-19 is almost certainly designed to induce a global revolution (something akin to the Arab spring, but on a global scale), which will see the demise of the current national governments.
The plan seems to be that of encouraging governments (through various agents of influence) to keep on imposing and reimposing lockdowns, curfews and other restrictions. Numerous times until the citizens get tired. You can imagine if we have 10 covid-19 ‘variants’ and each variant comes with, say, 3 ‘waves’. So you would be looking at 30 lockdowns/restrictions reimpositions. Citizens would surely get very agitated at some point. THEN the very same people who are pushing governments to impose lockdowns, curfews and other restrictions will be the very same people who will incite the citizens to rise up against the measures. They have already piloted it in places like Netherlands and the United Kingdoms with anti-lockdown protests that have often gotten very violent, especially the Netherlands ones.
It is time governments understood how they are being played. It is time governments stopped playing along. The way we [in Kenya] bravely kept our affairs semi-open for Christmas and New Year and the way we bravely opened our schools, the entire world needs to open up fully. (Remember actors like NCCK were already requesting the government not to reopen schools)? It is time governments lifted curfews and other restrictions, in favor of managing covid-19 the way we have always managed other diseases. Otherwise if the scheme that has been put in place goes according to plan, it will usher a very sad era for the world. Right now, the globalists are inciting governments against citizens, and the war on covid-19 has been turned into a war against the citizens [with emphasis on restricting the things that the citizens enjoy most]. If this goes unchecked, the next phase will be one where the very same globalists would be inciting the citizens against the governments, and it will almost certainly get very ugly. Just think about it. If they were able to induce the Arab spring, and plot simultaneous revolutions against well established and strong Arab dictatorships (which had solid intelligence services and militaries), there is absolutely no reason why they can’t undertake it on a global scale. All the governments need to do, to preserve themselves, is to call the globalists bluff (Tanzania/Magufuli-style), get rid of the curfews/restrictions and allow citizens to continue with their lives in the normal manner. That way, there would be nothing on the basis of which the globalists would incite the citizens against the governments, to bring about the revolutions they are plotting.
Share this intelligence with people who can help stop this evil plot.
Now you may be tired with the current world order, and you would like a new world order. But given how the covid-19 mediated new world war is being brought about, you can be almost certain that it won’t be a good order. A tree is known by its fruits.
Help our leaders to see the bigger picture.

It is called a Plannedemic

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Governments are business men who work for other business men, the sooner you understand this the sooner you can don your orange jumpsuit.

Welcome to planetprison

Spot on! The more wealth they acquire, the better and longer they control things. We seem to have accepted plutocracy.

We never had a shot at an altruistic globe, no one taught the masses the pitfalls that are a direct result of listening and following our egos.

I believe the agenda is on many fronts. First of all, the actual disease which is something no one really understands its origin. Was it cooked up in a lab? By who? Why? There are many so-called “asymptomatic cases” but you must understand that this disease puts people at an increased risk of clotting disorders etc. It doesn’t mean that if you got the disease and “recovered” then you’re in the clear. Having a history of covid decreases your lifespan-period! The other nefarious agendas involve lockdowns, curfews, economic destruction of the masses and lastly, the mRNA experimental vaccine agenda. I’ve never lived through another pandemic like this one but my goodness, something stinks.

I am not taking the effing vaccine!


Quit your attempts at smartassery and get back to the pasture, clueless sheeple