That guy is still months away from regular football


this is a direct ajax win. odds of 4+

thank me later.

correct score 13-6 full time.

hehehe!!! united funs all exited about some plastic cup , kweli times have changed

Man, you are overambitious. A 3 goal win is near impossible. Let’s work with 0-1, 1-2, or a loss.
Fellaini aka Sultan* should play on this…nataka afanye disorganisation kwa hao vijana.

[SIZE=1]*He was once a captain - on 9 April against Sunderland - and we won 3 nil.[/SIZE]

Have your fun the real fans
will have theirs later.


The Belgian Messi to start.

watu wa fta mechi iko sony espn 68e live and clear

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Jose came into Man Utd not knowing the depth and strength of the team fully. Four signings followed Micky, Bailly, IBRA and Pogba. They were all a success. However Bastin, Depay, Januzaj didn’t meet the cut. Sneiderlin had a one on one with Jose and it become clear his personal and national ambitions were better playing regularly in Everton than Man Utd bench since Herrera was playing well.

Jose has worked hard to return strong mental strength in the players that Moyes and LVG ruined. There is a fighting spirit in the squad. Though LVG improved the technical abilities of the players but harmed their flair. Smalling, Jones, Blind, Young, Darmian, Fellaini and Mata are all staying. The last 8 weeks we have played 16 games and they gave their all. This final is no. 17 games incredibly. I only expect Rooney to leave back home to Everton. Luke Shaw future depends on Jose evaluation after this game vs available players in the transfer window.

I only expect 3-4 additions from Jose. He will concentrate on his forward line as the key to next season is goals. That depends on IBRA injury schedule. Rooney goes back home a legend and Shaw is pending. Valencia, Martial, De Gea, Herrera are all staying and starting next season.


Kwese wataleta? Aksing so nijue kama nitabaki penthouse ama nitaenda Aston Villa

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Game iko live YouTube pia

Only in the UK

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Ati 3-0? When was the last time manutd scored more than 2 goals?

Waliweka chakula kwa bucket ya Ajax pekee. What would you expect a cow to do?


Tumia vpn

Hauta stream?


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true, we will have to fight tooth and nail. The stakes are high for us…Ajax have qualified for next season’s UCL.

Hapa niko nyuma ya Manchieth ishinde , EPL tumedharauliwa sana ati hatuwezi chukua Champions League . Wacha England ipeleke team tano tuone wakichukua , wasipochukua tukubali EPL ni mafi . We all know Mawreenwhore akifika fainali hata akiwa na AFC leopards lazima ashinde hapa Manchieth inashinda 2-1

Arsenal tuwache machungu Manchieth imekaa nje ya CL miaka kumi, wacheniko warudi kiasi . Sisi na ngombe yetu Wenger tumecheza 50 years na hakuna kitu tumewaifanya


unakumbuka game ya Inter vs Barca…Inter walichezewa goalie moja but they still prevailed

Simple… We just need to play like we played against Chelsea, be on our front foot… Ajax is a team full of kids plus they don’t have anything to loose…