I consider myself one of the biggest Manchester United fan and i am particularly proud that we made it to the finals. Not that there was ever any doubt about it but the manner in which we did it was quite encouraging. Considering the lack of depth in the current squad, it’s no mean feat. I mean, we were in a group stage seeded against the likes of Fernerbahce, Feyenoord and Zorya, seasoned Europa league teams at a time when the squad members were only learning how to gel together after new signings. We made it through almost by sheer luck and i have to admit i never thought we would make it this far regardless of whether the media portrayed us as the big favorites.
We overcame St. Etienne, Rostov, Anderlecht and finally Celta Vigo along the way and now here we are …most important day of the season i guess.We are still favorites against a young Ajax Side but caution must be taken still not to underestimate what they are capable of. They are in the final for a reason and have nothing to lose.
There is no other choice for us but to win. I do not even want to think what it will be like if we lose.
Personally i want Sergio Romero to start, Valencia, Jones, Smalling, Blind in defence, POGBA to partner Micheal Carrick and Ander Herrera in midfield while Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Marcus Rashford and Tony Martial lead the attack line.
I foresee a 3-0 win in United’s favor and POGBA with 1 goal and two assists to silence haters.
Let us show Arsenal how it should be done.


I want Manutd to win as well…


Ajax was a UCL caliber team that was relegated to Europa. 2-1 to Ajax Cc @Deorro

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Some cow has already predicted that we will lose… but ii ata na uchawi lazima tuchukue.


Kuna ng’ombe (yes a real cow sio ng’ombe za Ktalk) that predicted an Ajax win.
I hope that cow gets slaughtered after the final.


It will be a tough match. Either side are favorite to win

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Gooners hawajawahi kaza kama leo…wapewe actal tums

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I don’t care who wins but I will place a massive bet against Ajax

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Wait a minute, a cow predicted we would lose? Did it talk on kick a ball to either ajax or man utd goal?

@Electronics4u pin this thread.

Myself I expect a Man Utd win but I have to admit just like all finals, their is a bit of nervous vibe that’s completely overwhelmed by excitement.

If wishes were,Wacha tu.

But being an United ever since things are not as easy as they seem.

When was the last time United won a game by 3 goals? Or rather when is the last time United scored 3 goals in one game, It was against Sunderland who were 10 men from 43 minute. a game Ibrahimovic played, it is that long. United problems have been documented well all season but as United this is the final battle, the finishing line,the dove is in the cage it is just a matter of that extra push to win this cup.
Players careers are on the line,(Carrick,Rooney,Mata,Smalling,Jones,Blind) lose and most will go.
Mourinho reputation is on the line. After the shambolic season with chelsea and now after spending 143 Million pounds he finishes 6th with No Champions League has he lost his magic touch?
United financial muscle will take a hit with another non champions league season. 50 Million pounds in revenue and a 22.5 million from Nike sponsorship.

All in all we have to win tonight either through parking the bus, through mpesa through handball, through attacking football, boring football through extra time, penalties, whatever it takes we need to be in the ballot for champions league group stage draw.

We hope Mourinho will motivate and put out a good team today. Its ALL or Nothing.


Just like they used to do with the octopus, they placed two containers with cow feed one labeled Man Utd and the other Ajax and the cow ate from the Ajax container. They said the cow has been getting the right predictions for quite some time.
These jungus never cease to amaze.

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The article says the cow’s predictions are usually 85% accurate


Ok, you can console your with the 15%.

Hii ni ngumu…with the kind of performance manuseless have been putting up kushinda itakuwa ngumu. Na wakishinda itakuwa by a lone goal. Ama penalties.

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Don’t jinx it man

I’m nervous but I feel it will be a hard fought win for us

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I’m banking on that 15%

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United all the way

lazima tushinde hata kama ni Na Mpesa