Aisha Jumwa speaks of her war with Mackenzie as MP Malindi

Your average Kenyan

  1. live in squlour but only nungunika
  2. get served a third rated edu shytstem and call this maendeleo
  3. Happy and content with living with 1 registered nurse /4600 patients
  4. Do not have qualms with living under a lock down plus a whole bunch of restrictions but still applaud your presidents effort in outsourcing 5000 of your highly trained nurses (signing a collective death warrant to the masses) to the land of brown bricked tiny houses.
  5. Your insufficient local education which subconciously grooms a perfect clerk and enhanced servitude while negating the fundermental role in high proficiency civic education cannot permit you to own your own thoughts… you indiscriminately consumed UNQUALIFIED Vaxines yet you continue to fund manage sustain and run a 100% MUZZLED NQCL, a govetnent tun agency whoose purpose is to qualify ALL medicines, Vaxx & poisoned for the Kenyan public. With Covid Nqcl was muzzled in ALL matters of Covid and the conditioned servants of the state have zero issue
  6. Your goverment has SYTEMATICALLY muzzled ALL channels of grassroot mobilisation (by shifting from a UK model to a US model ) in including socio, trade and student unions. All the current organisations of sporting fraterneties, student organisations and trade unions and conduits and springboards to a political career.
  7. You are ok living in a country where a simple liver transplant is akin to a moonlanding yet Kenya is NUMBER 5 most dangerous country in liver fatalities in the world! You not even bothered that you live in a country with 1 medical doctor /7142 patients!!
  8. You with only murmur under a tight lip as you bite your teeth to live with an unlivable wage and income level BUT you
    A. Ready to hit the streets ANYTIME and protect your fav political thief
    B. Feel the “pain” the thief has to endure in their “political careers” yet THIS HAS ZERO translation to your personal or overall state of our collective welfare.

You forgot that there are unemployed doctors in spite of the doctor to patient ratio.

I applaud whoever took the nurses abroad. Kenya is no place to be a nurse.

As politicians love to say, si Mungu yuko?

When you live in Kenya is when you know who God is. Going back to your house in one piece is nothing short of a miracle.

Lying ass hoe. Isn’t she an accused murderer ?

Op with an IQ as small as her shriveled kinembe cunt see

We invest so much emotionally in these mortals and get hefty zero returns

Returns are in heaven according to Pastor Mackenzie. In the world there is nothing

kinyesi ya mbwa koko wewe

Yes we all have a free will, continue celebrating your ignorance in piss, amen.

Stop being bitter, this is only year one. Imagine what you will feel like 5 or 10 years later

Bitter that you ignorant? Nah matey, I’m but celebrating a natural selection unfolding right infront of me.:stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have anything to celebrate except my ‘ignorance’? How about you get a life?

I have a life but you too ignorant to see:p