Airtel Wants to Milk Me Because of a 'Miscommunication'

Airtel is useless as an ISP. And even more useless as a company. I have/had a postpaid contract with them that I want terminated. I asked them to terminate the contract and they responded that it will be terminated after 30 days. Weeks later they send another invoice for a service I’m not using and presumed was terminated. I ask them why and they tell me that there was a miscommunication that resulted in the account to not be terminated.

I gave them the 30-day notice. What in the name of bullshit is this?

Here are their responses.

We acknowledge receipt of your email regarding the above subject.

Kindly note that our policy requires that we receive thirty (30) days’ notice to terminate postpaid contracts. Immediate termination of the contract will attract terminal dues chargeable to the account which will be equivalent to the current tariff.

Please ensure you have settled all the outstanding bills within the thirty-day period. Your June 2021 bill will be provide for you on the onset of the month of July 2021.

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]Your termination will be completed on the 17th day of July 2021.

We assure you of our commitment to giving you quality and reliable services always and look forward to a continued business relationship with you.

After asking why they send an invoice for a contract that’s supposed to be terminated. They say this:

Thank you for contacting us regarding the subject above.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Kindly note that for 30 days’ notice period you will be required to pay the outstanding balance plus the August invoice of 2021, basing on the earlier argument it was a miscommunication which has resulted to no termination. We have put your Simcard on basic hybrid so that you do not receive August resources . The outstanding debt is ksh3,673.04 plus the incoming invoice of August 2021 for the process to be affected.

Thank you for choosing Airtel.


So ukafanyaje juu ya iyo story? Have you tried vayolence? I recommend it for this sort of bullshittery

I’m not paying for this shyte. I don’t even know where that stoopid sim card is.

Corporate kenya ni mchezo tu. Clueless people in cheap suits. Go to the office with evidence hii story itaisha.

They are not clueless. They did this intentionally. It’s a scam and they know it.

Mimi kuna siku i instructed my bank to close account. Halafu wana anza kuniambia nilipe 2k maintenance fee. I intended to use the bank account for telegraphic transfer. Wakanizungusha ati it will take 2 weeks ndio nitume doo. Niliwambia wa funge hio account. Called me to pay. I asked them. How can i pay for services not rendered?
I asked them if i dont pay what will they do. Wataforward jina kwa CRB. Nikawaambia waniwekee besides that i borrow to sacco.

Weka hio risto pale Twirra with effidence. Tag them and the Communications Authority and other relevant bodies.

Siko Twitter unfortunately. I told them I’m not paying for stuff I haven’t used. If they insist then I’ll create a Twitter account, confront them there.