Airtel vs Telkom

Which one should i go for? Planning to have it as sim 2, mainly for data. How’s the speed and offers?

Sim2 Kwa lexicon ni mkia

Unapenda mkia boss??

Anyway Telkom is good for sim 2

Telcom iko poa sana kwanza freedom friday offers.

Airtel wachana nayo. Simu ina onesha network iko chonjo. While ukipigiwa ile side ingine uko mteja.

These two you give them a chance and you get machozi tu. Telkom is good but utalia weekends when traffic is heavy, on and off ole wako kama uko live interview. Airtel you need to have it outside the building for it to work, else utashinda in 2G mode. Anyway with Telkom, the phone or modem or router matters. I used it on iPhone 5 and reception was very weak, all the time in 2G mode then I switched to Huawey y3 and it’s on steroids, same location

Faiba all the way

Support your statement, why faiba?

Hii club tuko wengi.

Telkom iko swafe

They are both crap. Get a smaller phone ya dual sim uzieke zote. Alafu ubahatishe gani ni better

Internet ya Telkom is waaaaay better than Airtel

Mm telkom yangu inakuwanga imenyongwa daytime unaona kitu ya 50 mb inakuambia 7 mins. Speeds hazipiti 100KBps but mausiku wa manane inakuwa fiti.