Airtel launches e-sim

Thank you am going to do this.

Vile @Pseudo amesema, you can have multiple e-sims but only one would work at any given time. For example niko na Samsung na ni dual Sim. Line one nimeweka Verizon, line two US-mobile na niko na 5 esims (T-mobile and other bunch of international travel esims like Airalo), so nikitaka kutumia e-sim, I must switch line 2 to esim.

So its possible to use the esim and the normal sim card at the same time? That was my question.



Chief kiuliso if phone ni dual SIM. Can I add that esim nikuwe triple SIM. Sande omwami.


Nop only two SIMS can be active at the same time

No, also, which device iko na dual physical sim na inasupport esim? Siijui…maybe samsung?

I have also noticed that Safaricom supports the RCS texting method.

Equitel and Faiba wafuate hii njia sasa

Hii ni saf ama android ndo inapush? Ama lazima pia saf waimplement?

The ISP has to be on board.

I’ve done it with telkom too… But it doesn’t work on dual sim only one at a time

No, they don’t.

Telkom. Says chatting. RCS.
Sufferingcons. Says texting. SMS.

Then I guess kuna settings. Enda kwa message settings alafu angalia chat features uone ni number gani enabled

Delete this comment. Its retarded

Mine is the opposite. It depends on what sim you set as default for sms I think

It could be settings. I had to turn off Telkom for Messages to recognize Saf for chat features. It needs verifying and now it’s stuck like this. Could be it needs net.