Airtel launches e-sim


How does it work? How do you install it?

Tecno haiwesmake

Natumia Samsung ya 160k

You simply download it from a QR code, for Saf unaenda kwa shops zao wanakuset up, guess it will be the same for airtel

This is the way to go. Tuwachane na UMMEFFI ya SIM cards

Kabisa, also a nice way to turn iPhone’s to dual sims

Dial *#06# to see if it supports e-sim

Safaricom has had this for quite a while now

This will be great. SIM cards have issues

Washenzi waangalie network yao.

Network yao iko timam hapa penye niko,saf wakwende huko.

Very nice, was using Faiba as the second line on my single sim iphone but their coverage is shit, I’ll get an airtel line asap

tell me if i have a samsung s22 ultra dual sim, and I have 2 lines there already, can I add another 2 esims such that I have 4 lines in one phone?

Yes, even 10. But only one will be active at a time

Now this beats the logic of a dual? Why would I get this esim yet it doesnt support dual sim?

Esim support dual SIM…with a normal dual phone you can add Esim but after adding eSim slot 2 is deactivated. For those importing US IPhone it has 2 eSIM

Wewe umeelewa nini?

Hebu explain pole pole msee nielewe ni kama nimechanganyikiwa.

Huwa inamake phone dual sim card kama phone iko na 1 sim card so itakuwa mbili. Esim inaeza kuwa active moja tu kwa simu. So kama uko na line ya saf kwa iphone na unataka esim ya Airtel then phone itakuwa dual sim.