Airtel launches 5g network


Good for them

They could instead have invested in a more robust 4G Network.

5G is a Gimmick. I have a 5G Phone and I can’t remember the last time I used 5G. 5G kupata reliably even kwa gate ya Safaricon HQ ni shida tupu!


Hii ni shida ya Safaricom. Those guys chose to cover a few regions in the leafy surburbs. However, the region around their HQ is adequately covered.

On the other hand, Airtel has done a lot in upgrading its network in the last two years. I have almost 20 4G+ Airtel BTS where I live. 3 years ago, there were less than four.

Airtel also has around five 5G-enabled BTS where I live. Na ni Eastlands place imejaa vumbi.


Next Month I plan to switch back to Airtel after a loong hiatus, at least for data…

Sufericon is nowadays awfully unreliable…

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Are you Sure… Last I checked this wasn’t the case…

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Is there any major difference 4g and 5g ? Internet speeds ? Call quality?

In theory there is a difference. But I personally haven’t seen the difference. Infact my 5G Enabled Phone is simply set to use only 4G…

There is a time I was operating around the Saf HQ and my Internet would stop working as soon as 5G Connected. 5G no Internet Access while 4G had internet access. That’s why I eventually resolved to turn the Gimmick off…


Probably the BTS serving the area wasn’t enabled for public access at that time.

I experienced the same with Airtel. It turned out they had not enabled public access.

I’m not sure what you’re getting but I’m certain your 4G speeds can’t come close.

I did this test around Safaricom HQs. 5G speeds are not a gimmick.

Numbers don’t lie.

Verified Link.

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Unless you’re paying for 5G, which a simcard costs 10,000bob for home plans (includes a router) or the unlimited 5G business plans, Airtel bundles are no longer cheap. Those guys raised the prices after upgrading their network :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:


Speed ya Airtel 's 4G = safcom’s 2G, 5G ni 3g

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5G Airtel sahizi wako na offer ya ksh3,500 monthly subscription for its free router. Also it is unlimited.

Business plan. You sign up for a one year contract.

Uko sure? But maybe because my phone can connect up to four 4G+ enabled BTS.

Verified link

acceptable average ni 3Mbps si 1.7mbps

I ran out of bundles. And we don’t rely on uploads that much. Not unless you do. But uploads are good too.

Airtel 5G Uploads

Naweza ona porno ya ladyboy in 4k bila buffing?

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