Airtel Kenya closes shop

Ni kubaya wadau…anywhere rao goes it gets destroyed




Naskia ku-pyuke!

Tv ya AUCMA manze jo!

uhuru ama vimar shar akiinunua tunai resist pia

The rumours started in India and it seems Airtel board there has put its African divisions for sale. They never learn. Airtel killed its entire dealership with the price war. You can’t sell directly to the customers without leaving some meat on the bone for dealers to make revenue. If you make nearly everything free then dealers will have no reason to stock your products or service. All airtel shops can’t even pay for utility bills on their own. Its has to depend on a core business for that as airtel becomes its secondary biz. Dealers complained and asked for a meeting with a simple request that Airtel pays them directly to carry their products if they can’t meet sufficient revenue from sales. Right now those who migrate know how hard it is to get its airtime or airtel money in Nairobi alone. Forget getting it upcountry. It was refused and many closed them. Meanwhile 10 Mpesa shops are in one street and they pay all their bills, wages and profit by selling airtime and Mpesa alone. Safaricom is very nice and pays swiftly to its dealers. They are the backbone of Safaricom vast distribution network. Whoever buys Airtel needs to rebuild its dealership from scratch or the same will happen. Kencell-Celtel-Airtel didn’t learn from its mistakes…

Seems Jaymo and Caro are soon going to be jobless.

this ain’t good think of all the job losses and fear of investors starting a rival for the undisputed suffericom… at least kuna Telkom n orange but the are not at per with airtel

They can merge and pull resources. Airtel network is idle. It almost closed shop two years ago but luckly Equitel showed up to lease it entire network from them. That’s what kept them going. Currently suppliers complain that payments take 6-9 months to be paid. Some take a year.

This is unfortunate, and also true.

Someone said, “it never went wrong. It started wrong.”

Equitel ifanye mambo sasa safcom wanatuibia

Mafala wa JaKuon si walihamia huko?


the guy has the Minus Touch

everything he touches turns to GO

I have been loyal to Airtel for the last 8 years and persevered their shortcomings like travelling to Nairobi from makuyu to recharge my post paid line. It will be painful to use exorbitant safaricom.

JTL Faiba should swoop in. If only for the infrastructure and distribution network.

Slow clap. Well done.

But I thought Raira brought 10 million “Kenyans” to the network???

This has little to do with kenya. A little back story.
In India the economy is dominated by family conglomerates, now during Congress party rule, these conglomerates were encouraged to expand and create employment as well as push brand India inc. to the outside world. They were given cheap loans by state banks to boot. Now these conglomerates did not have the best corporate governance practices and were not efficient, soon the loans piled up and losses grew and they couldn’t pay them back.
Enter Narendra Modi and his BJP, he came on a business friendly platform of economic reforms. One thing he found was the lending capacity of the state owned banks was constrained by huge non performing loans from these conglomerates, the government ordered cleaning up of these loans by forcing the conglomerates to dispose assets and use the proceeds to pay off loans. Bharti Airtel was one of those companies with debts exceeding 13 billion dollars, another one is essar (remember them) which is being sold for parts.
Bharti Airtel took on a lot of debt to buy African assets, they then failed to invests in network coverage and the end result we are all familiar with, that being said, they would get better returns if they sold the company as a going concern rather than selling individual assets. Safaricom can’t be allowed to bid because it is already dominant, hope we can get a deep pocketed investor who can give safcom a run for their money.
In conclusion it is not about kenya, bharti’s problems arise from India.


Nice very informative.