Airtel Bundles


I bought the daily Airtel 2GB Bundle to watch some YouTube. Bana it got finished within an hour na ika deplete airtime yash 200…

Are Airtel now better thieves than Suffering-Com??
if that’s so, let me stick with Faiba in the meantime.

Tuko kwa Telkom sisi.

Deal za faiba ziko aje?

airtel unaload pesa na kununua bundles saaa huohuo na unawacha KES 0.03

2GB is not that much for YouTube, bro.

If you watch 1080p video of a talking head on solid background, it might last you some time. But if you watch a video of scenes with motion, different colours and textures, your 2GB will be depleted in minutes.

Activate option ya kutumia bundles pekee (nimesahau jina),

15 GB weekly for sh 500

kwenye niko Telkom haishiki

ni data saver… thanks

aii ziii… hio nafaa i stream a football match

Is it mobile au… also,is there a period of buffering, downtime at all?

What? How does Faimba work? Unanunua Sim card ama?

How’s Telkom?

I think inadepend na location. At the moment they offer the best packages

yes mobile…
it’s pretty good…

yeah sim card…
iko sawa

Am on airtel and so far no problemos men. Enda data usage apo kwa settings ueke monthly cycle ianze leo utacheki total data yenye simu imetumia na ni apps gani zilikua zinanyonya na zilitumia ngapi each

Yeah what people do not understand is that these stuff is based on your app consumption because it is programmed that way

Data manager

Yeah unabuy sim card lakini simu yako lazima ikuwe compatible na Faiba network. You see Faiba uses LTE Band 28 to function meaning your phone must have it in order to use it. Phones that have Band 28 include almost all Nokia phones, later models of Xiaomi, Tecno, Infinix, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung etc…