Airtel 75gb for kshs 1K-Con Game

Airtel has decided that since it is no longer sustainable to offer affordable BANDOS it is better to come up with all manner of scams.They have been silently promoting this 75gb per month bundles for only kshs 1K capped at 2.5gb per day for 30 days.Since am a typical Kenyan i fall for this scam and subscribe.Good lord this is the shittest connection you will ever get anywhere in Kenya,even internet connection in the late 90’s were far much better.You can hardly open an email with this connection.Verdict #Airtelkenya you better come up with a well thought scam,this won’t wash!End of rant.

Airtel the best it gets ni 50GB 3K for 30 days… Haiko limited na grand piracy on the high seas of torrent. Ni kubroadcast tu WiFi

upus kama uko within a city si uweke Safcom internet na hio pes UPATE 10MBPS

Hulu mashinani city limits hakuna faiba/fibre…

Hio ni gani sijaiona kwa ussd

Iko kwa App…dont even attempt…they are quitely sending promo sms,no mainstream advertising.

Okay thanks for the headsup

Best news here! 2.5GB @33/-? Cheapest data bundle in the market! Double the bundle will give me 5 GB which is enough for me to watch over 6 hours of documentaries every day!

What are you talking about?

Some people are better left alone.

nlitumia airtel nkiwa kisii (outskirts) na connection ilikuwa okay with rare downtime.Wewe labda uko kismayu

Nyinyi ni wale hamuelewi…75gb for 1k that is where the catch is…every other bundle worth the dime is ok in terms of speed.Normally on airtel 1k gets you 12 gb.Nunua hio ya 75gb for 1k then utuletee ripotii!

Any money you invest in airtel internet is bad investment.

Orange night data iko on point na download 10gb in 10 mins

It’s good. I remember kabla niingie safcom fibre nilikuwa nabuy night bundles za Kama 300 halafu na download games kubwa huko fitgirl repacks. I was impressed with the speed.