Airgate proprietor

This guy must be strong. Having your multi billion investment bulldozed to rumble and you have the energy to still appear in public is not easy.[ATTACH=full]193518[/ATTACH]

The man is still in denial, give home some time, and reality will sink in.

I pity him. If it were me, only God knows.

I think money is relative. This guy has lost a property worth billions but what is his total net worth? If he still has billions more in other properties and he has malizad the loan on Airgate, he is still not badly off. His lifestyle wont change one bit so I guess he can still “smile for the cameras”. But if Airgate is all he has, his life has essentially suffered amassive setback.

Same as Ruto. If he was to loose weston, to him thats a small thing relatively speaking

Meaning Sexton should be brought down?

Nope, meaning in Ruto’s empire, weston is a small thing and even if its brought down, it wont dent him financially

I agree.

Ruto can’t afford to loose weston. He’d rather loose 5 billion worth of unknown land somewhere than weston and reason being that should he loose it ,his potential presidential image will be on the line .

Moving on

Ako stage 2 (denial).

True, it will damage him politically but not financially. I was talking in a financial context.


That Manoti guy who owned Southend mall has never been seen in public.

That event can only be compared to PTSD in troops some have it there and then, others have it later yet others never have it at all! Kwanza Mimi acceptance yangu hua chap chap

But remember the elite aspire to remain in politics to protect their wealth. So financial wellbeing and politics are connected especially in a corrupt country like Kenya.

This guys says he got the land from Moi, an illegal allocation, then he conspired with guys at city hall to get permits, h
how comes he is the only one who has his building on the road reserve on that section???

If it was a mistake from the city council then several people would be affected… no wonder he can still smile on camera

I think every idiot that was in office and allowed the building to be constructed should be shot.

Maybe he took a loan with the property so he is smiling as some credit manager anajikuna kisogo.