So i was referred by a friend on the benefits of Airbnb to hotels. However, when I tried to book it was way complicated and the host also gave out the room without informing me. I wanted to ask kama mtu ashawahi tumia hii app and how to go about it.

Look for reputable hosts and read through the reviews, yes all the reviews, don’t skip even one.

Yeah, its quite complicated, haswa hapo kwa payments. I wish they could craft a local version of MPESA to enable easier payments.
It gives you a platform to communicate directly with the host, but it will depend whether the host checks out his or her emails frequently.

The reviews did not help much unapata one profile imereview like most host for instance wenye wako malindi

Si mtu aunde a version of airbnb app with that option

yeah, i wonder why someone hasnt come up with that idea…good business.

Did you make headway with your booking? I have a property listing with AirBnB in Nairobi and could help you if that’s your ‘’area’’ of interest

Airbnb one of the best sites where you can rent apartments at the best prices. When I travel somewhere, I rent houses with its help all the time. I didn’t have any problems with the houses because it was as in the pictures and clean which means a lot for me. Moreover, I work with them, I rent my house and I know that on their site I will have many clients. I had some problems with some clients but their management staff solved all the problems. If you want to read more information, look here.

Nani amenotice bots zimekua mob kwa hii site. Siko sure comments nasoma ni watu ama machines. Admin banae clean house ama tukuachie

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