Airbnb Business!!!! Anyone with more information

So i have been to afew Airbnb especially hapo Kasarani and TRM areas. Thats my kichinjio base and they are usually booked most of the time.Kuna kadhaa i spend like 1500ksh per night. Usually nice bed sitter or studio fully furnished with Smart TV, surround system, 5x6 bed, Netfix, Equipped kitchen, internet…i prefer Airbnb compared to filthy beat up hotel room. Towels zimechapa. Small room. No net, tv never working. So i get value for my 1500ksh in an Airbnb. So if this guy rents a bedsitter for 10k per month…he only needs 8days at 1500 to pay rent. The rest of the days in a month is his profit and to pay off some expenses. Say in a month the Airbnb grosses 40k at ksh1500 per day. Toa 10k ya rent, toa 3k ya internet, toa 1k ya stima, toa 2k ya kulipa mama wa kuosha hiyo place when guests check out. So on a good month you can net 25k. This profit varies as kuna good months and bad months. Assume you have like 4 Airbnb in prime location( place kuna clubs mob na usherati). Huwezi kosa ka 50k in a month. Am just guessing…your biggest cost would be to furnish the Airbnb.Am sure kuna risks za kuibiwa valuables or kuvunjiwa vitu na maumbwa kama @johntez addi gaza msafi . Anyone with more information from the ground?

Bonobos pahali hakuna good checking out system watakuibia kila kitu ama kuharibu vitu deliberately:D

Bana, before mtu atoke unamake sure TV, sound bar, router, sink ,Choo, zote zinafanya poa
Kuna watu ya ajabu hubeba vijiko, sabuni, tissue, toothpaste, souvenir…makoshaa

I have six, all two bedrooms, always full on average I lack only 3 days. I am on and Airbnb but of the apps the former gives me more business. You lose 15% commission fees. Referals give me more business than apps. Sijabebwa anything for the one year I been in business. Sahani na cups tu kuvunjwa. That’s just cost of doing business, I don’t charge. When checking out sikusimamii kucheck hao. That’s matharau. Incase you call my manager askie unasound really really drunk, no house for you. The same for uni kids, they do roudy parties. Most Kenyan’s leave skid marks on towels and bedsheets and that’s just a national catastrophe. Some ladies do clean after themselves. You need to manage costs za cleaning. I have two Ugandans paid 7k each to handle the cleaning. I have a washing machine that does 10kg of Toss Machine Wash every month. I make my own jik at 1200 for 30L, takes 3 days ndo iive. I make my own downy too. That’s it. I ain’t taking no questions subbies. Pricing is key make sure you are on page 1 daily preferably among the top 5

Ata thermal hakuna

shida yenu wakenya mna “assume” kila kitu.

Ile million uliweka crypto inafanyeje?

Too much assumption

Sensors and other risk management systems are a must and possible with internet connectivity. Pia itabidi hio building iwe na soja.

I’d like to know more about this

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They fuck up on pricing …tamaa mingi …if you want more money open more Airbnb’s

Nothing to prove poopsie

More Arbnbs means more expense. hapa Nairobi most AirBnBs are brothels , except those in leafy areas.sioni vile ni profitable. Airbnbs work well in touristy areas bsuch as Mombasa. How many Kenyans would want to for holidays and stay in Roysambu where they will cook for themselves? Also, Roysambu alone has more than 100 Airbnbs. Now tell me with that competition how will you run one?

Why would a landlord allow subletting?

you cannot purport to know a business more than a person who’s in it

Quit the airbnb business in Mombasa. Too much harassment by the county, tourism authority and now gava. Plus everyone wants a pool and beachfront at gikosh prices, or a villa. Ogopa hao wa villa, before the weekend is over half of Nairobi will have passed through your property. County lockdown was the last straw.

Kwani bei ya jik ni ngapi huko. Ten litres here has gone up from 150 last year to currently 220. That’s half what you are paying.

Mpoopsie tema jaba aisseh

Jik najiundia

Airbnb have insurance to cover theft