Air passengers could be weighed at gates to prevent overloading as obesity levels soar-USA FYLERS

The Federal Aviation Administration in the US suggesting weigh-ins for passengers before they board could be introduced, to ensure planes are carrying a safe amount of weight on board before take off.
Airline passengers may be asked to weigh themselves as well as their luggage before lift off (file photo) Air passengers could face weigh-ins at airport boarding gates to avoid overloading planes, as obesity levels soar. Carriers already calculate the weight and balance of aircraft to make sure they’re within safety limits before take off.
But in the US, where obesity levels are particularly high, there are concerns the existing restrictions are outdated. The Federal Aviation Administration previously sent out a circular raising fears about weight and balance on aircraft, and now the consultation period has ended changes could be on the cards,
And while any new rules would only cover US air travel, they would potentially affect Brits on holiday in America. Weighing passengers at airports would allow for a more accurate idea of plane load and the number of seats available in-flight could be adjusted accordingly. Recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the obesity rate in the United States was 42.4 percent in 2017-18. Old FAA standards found that the average adult passenger weighed in at 170 pounds, or 12 stone, in the summer and 175 pounds in the winter. Their carry-on baggage, due to extra layers of clothing, and new standards increased the averages to 190 pounds, or 13.5 stone, and 195 pounds, according to AirInsight Group.
The FAA circular noted that operators should do “a review every 36 calendar-months” to ensure the numbers were up to date.
“Regardless of the sampling method used, an operator has the option of surveying each passenger and bag aboard the aircraft and should give a passenger the right to decline to participate in any passenger or bag weight survey,” the circular stated. “The scale readout should remain hidden from public view. An operator should ensure that any passenger weight data collected remains confidential.”

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