Ainea Ojiambo shoots 2 guards on Moi Avenue while fighting muggers, one is in critical condition


The CCTV footage of the attack. Unfortunately one guard died but seriously is CBD this insecure?

Some of these youth are foolish. Yaani you approach a stranger with the intention of robbing him in this day & age? Russian roulette is a risky game my friend.

The bogi benda’s aim was terrible though. How do you miss a target that’s 4 cm away?

You can miss bcz of being unprepared. What I can’t believe is just how brazen these thugs are. This guy is heavily built and they’re jumping on his back trying to choke him and even after firing one shot they are not running away. These thugs usually target men mostly.

The guard died??? I operate from an opposite building and I remember they took him to hospital, still alive

I agree, it’s tricky to react accordingly when caught off guard. Apparently the bastards were attempting to snatch his gold chain. Hope they reform after this close shave.

It isn’t wise to brandish your jewelry at a location such as the CBD. Prying eyes and shady hyenas always scoping potential victims.

Haki if this is what you claim is the mainstream media with nuzzing to report but ze truth, hebu check the shittyzen tv version…you will be shocked

Khai! Shocking indeed.

Burukenge zina embellish habari live-live.

The one who was shot in the face died while getting treated according to bloggers

Its funny but if you wear shiny fake gold jewelry nobody will touch you. It is like they know the real deal from the fake.

They take the jewelry to sellers same as they take phones and laptops and stolen car parts. I saw a lady inside her car get her golden jewelry snatched. These guys are very fast. Lightening speed.

Basically rule of thumb in CBD is that you should not carry anything including a handbag that may attract thugs. If you have a pouch, put it in a brown envelope and then hold it near your chest, nobody will touch you. Nowadays they are targeting men bcz it’s less likely for the bystanders to help men.

I heard of a story of a young lady who was being pursued by a gang in CBD for her jewelry, she sprinted away and entered a hotel went to hide in the kitchen. They followed her, almost shot her, beat her up and took the jewelry. Now imagine if this guy’s had a knife or gun the kind of damage that could have been done to this guy. It’s never wise to resist thieves, if you can take off good but don’t fight.

Hassan Mugambi sleeping on the job

Hope they get shot not reform. Thugs deserve no mercy. These fuckers never learn.

Let me check Nairobi Crime Free to see if they have been identified by Hessy. CBD is now a haven for gangs. Almost every street has a gang. Plain clothes cops know these people I don’t know why they entertain them.