I can’t comment or post.
What the heck is going on


So,how did you post this “Aiiiiiiii”?

Trial and error…Niko na siku ndefu coz i can’t reply to some comment mrembo fulani amepost.When I attempt to reply to it,inasema wait for 146seconds

When you see that, click on the refresh button on your browser. It goes away and your content posts.

Works for now but @administrator will fix this isht soonest.

You guys are the lousiest in forumworld

Manze leo ni weekend. Admin saa hii anadinyana. Apewe muda to catch his breath. Hata hajamaliza shoti mshaanza kusumbua.

Si muende daily post ama kahawa tungu. Yaani mjipe shughuli.

@administrator sai ako na dildo ya black kubwa imekwama kwa mnduku yake anangoja afanyiwe surgery itolewe pale hosi.Itabidi mmevumilia kiasi.


Iko sorted wadau.


:D:D:D:D:D:D. @administrator peana ticket ya Magadan Oblast

Siberia au Kabul?