aiii, kama ingekuwa majuu huyu angekuwa ndani


wat the f …?

Aping the mzungu culture

Even jungu’s don’t kiss their kids in the mouth.

Paedophile detected!


This is wrong,am glad am a father of mboys.

No that’s wrong

kissing is my greatest turn on so never



Young girls express love and affection to their fathers in ways that seem inappropriate. Peverts are reading too much from a simple act of bonding between father and daughter.

Disgusting, that kind of kiss is sexual and he will create sexual confusion to the little girl

hapa hakuna father daughter, huyu anaona kuma. shinda hapo ukisema father kissing daughter. we have heard fathers defiling and impregnating their daughters. 2ndly, how can such a young girl know how to kiss such perfectly???