Aiden Fucci Graphic new dets emerge

Was this kid possessed or schizophreniac? Very demonic drawings have been unearthed too.

Video doesn’t show demonic drawings. I don’t know the details but he may not be schizophrenic either. Just a person with a screwed up head. Like that of a serial killer.

This details are in the 100 page discovery to be used in the trial. This kid is troubled and his parents are no better. They advised him to stick to his story and his mom washed his blood soaked jeans. She was arrested for tampering with evidence. The Boy’s girlfriend said he had 2 knives he’d nicknamed and spoke of going missing and turning into a serial killer. He would also threaten to stab her and told her he’d stab some one in the woods. I have seen the 100 page discovery but not the drawings that were found in his room by the cops. The true crime community will get their hands on the drawings soon enough. This are the developments in the last 24 hours. Lemme attach the discovery. There are communities dedicated to particular cases who crowd source info on each case, they usually have alot of info not in the public domain. I am on this case like white on rice.